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The Queen’s Hotel joins BON Hotel’s growing portfolio as they sign a new management agreement

The team at BON Hotels has taken over the management of  the Queen’s Hotel in Oudtshoorn, with CEO and founder of BON Hotels Guy Stehlik saying it’s a new and exciting chapter for the group:

With Mother’s Day (08 May) fast approaching, it’s time to start planning something extra special just for mom.
While it’s not always easy to find her the perfect gift, you might be surprised to discover that what she really wants is to spend quality time with you. And what better way to do so than a local getaway or leisurely lunch together.

Gen Z is (almost) all grown up and slowly stepping into the spotlight within the travel realm, demonstrating notable purchasing power (both directly and indirectly) despite only being 8 – 24 years old. From a 24-year-old planning a whirlwind trip to Namibia for a thrilling desert safari to a 13-year-old insisting that their parents choose a carbon-conscious hotel with sustainability at its core, Gen Z-ers are having their say and making their mark!

Whether you celebrate Easter religiously or simply enjoy it as a wonderful excuse for a long weekend, there’s one common theme that always carries through during this local holiday – and that’s family.
“The Easter school holidays are a wonderful opportunity for us to revisit our favourite places, or to discover something completely new,” says Guy Stehlik, Chief Executive Officer at BON Hotels. “South Africa offers a treasure trove of adventures for families.”

On the hunt for ideas this Easter? Read on for a few of our top local picks for families.

Our top spots to find the Easter BON-ny!

Easter is a wonderful time to head outdoors and explore. And with two handy public holidays in the mix, it’s an even better time to bring the kids. But where to go?
If you’re still scratching your head on where to take the whole brood this Easter, read on for our list of favourite family-friendly destinations across South Africa. We’ve heard the Easter Bunny might even make an appearance…

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