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Ethiopia’s return to peace and economic prosperity is heralding a new era in the country’s development, with scores of businesses planning new projects there, including well-known South African hospitality brand BON Hotels.

Swakopmund truly is a treasure - and well worth a visit during the upcoming summer holiday period

The Nigerian hospitality industry can look forward to exciting developments nationwide with the opening of over 22 hotels in major cities and secondary towns.

In the last ten years, Muslim travel across the globe has seen significant increases. As one of the fastest-growing tourism segments, Muslim travel spend is set to rise to US$300 billion by 2026. And South Africa can most definitely benefit from this.The local market has already seen a significant influx of young Muslim travellers from all over the world, and thanks to our own rich Muslim culture, many of our offerings are already suited to tourists.

When you mention Nigeria, most tourists think of big cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. But there is another destination with a huge heart and plenty to do and see  - and best of all, it’s still waiting to be discovered.

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