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An African awakening in the hotel development arena might be an understatement as hotel projects, contracts and deals are concluded at a rapid pace in many well-disposed countries across the continent. Countries like Nigeria, DRC and Angola are entering the radar of major hotel investment, whilst destinations such as Tanzania, Namibia, Zambia and South Africa still enjoy their place in the sun. 

BON Hotels’ growth in Nigeria has been prodigious and continues to flourish with the more recent acquisitions of 11 additional hotels in the region bringing their portfolio in West Africa up to 25 hotels across 14 cities and in so doing becoming West Africa and Nigeria’s largest and fastest growing  hotel group.  This has been a conscious thought process with the board carefully and thoughtfully selecting and identifying properties in the region that will ultimately create mega tourism circuits, boost tourism and link important centres across the region.

Treasures of the Namib desert

For some, conferences are a great idea, an opportunity to get out of the office – a room jam-packed full of like-minded (and not so like-minded) people, coming together with a common goal to share ideas and get motivated.   For others, it’s a schlepp – it means time away from home and for the most part it’s laborious and plain boring.   For this reason, when it comes to planning a conference these days, one has to think out of the box, be original and look outside the norm - come up with enticing and engaging ideas to bring delegates an experience they won’t forget. 

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