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On Wednesday 6 December 2017 BON Hotel Riviera on Vaal reunited their BONhomie winners and welcomed new winners to the group.


Each year the hotel holds a competition whereby their fans on social media channels can enter to become what they call a ‘BONhomie’.

BON Hotel Bloemfontein Central is donating 5 litres of water to all guests passing through on their way to Cape Town during their #halfway2everywhere campaign. 

Stephanie Botes, who recently achieved a Hospitality Management Diploma from BON Hotels’ In-service Traineeship Programme via CPUT, is the first management graduate on their programme to qualify and has already taken up a position as Assistant Housekeeping Manager at a local hotel. 

It’s no secret that Swakopmund in December (or any month for that matter) is a magnificent place to be, the influx of familiar visitor number-plates a dead give- away as holiday-makers descend upon this desert oasis. A drive up north from South Africa or a quick flight in from Botswana, Swakopmund is a popular choice for holidaymakers, ticking all the boxes for a holiday - lazy days on the beach, fishing, exploring the desert on a 4-wheeler, the fascinating Skeleton Coast, all providing wondrous experiences for families to congregate and make special memories of.

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Organizations looking to operate successfully have realised that they need to contribute to and invest in infrastructure, training and education within the countries where they operate to facilitate an increase in local talent capable of filling the roles that companies create.

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