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Creating a powerful pan-African hospitality player

We ended the year on a high note with the announcement of our acquisition by ONOMO Hotels, and look forward to even more growth over the next few months, including the opening of
over 20 new properties in Nigeria. Now more than ever, I am optimistic of the future of the African hospitality industry as we continue the survival of Africa by Africans.

With a number of multi-billion economic initiatives in the pipeline, Richards Bay is gearing up for an increase in economic development, job creation and business tourism.

Three new projects have been announced for the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone (RBIDZ), the largest of which is a Saudi-SA R147-billion oil refinery set for 2028. The other two projects include Rio Tinto’s proposal to invest R6.5 million into Richards Bay Minerals and a R28-million feasibility study by Transnet to transform Richards Bay into a natural gas hub.

Ethiopia’s return to peace and economic prosperity is heralding a new era in the country’s development, with scores of businesses planning new projects there, including well-known South African hospitality brand BON Hotels.

Swakopmund truly is a treasure - and well worth a visit during the upcoming summer holiday period

The Nigerian hospitality industry can look forward to exciting developments nationwide with the opening of over 22 hotels in major cities and secondary towns.

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