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GREEN HOTEL Local and international travellers going to Cape Town will soon be able to check into what's deemed Africa's greenest accommodation option. Hotel Verde, which will offer over 140 rooms, a restaurant, a fitness centre and a conference facility, is due to be completed in May and will generate approximate 70 fulltime jobs.
Industry estimates indicate that over 20% of local hotels (particularly five-star boutique establishments and remote country inns) are non-profitable and face closure. The good news for beleaguered hotels, however, is that help is at hand. Guy Stehlik, co-founder and CEO of Bon Hotels - a recently launched hotel management and marketing group - hopes to drastically reduce this statistic. "Although the idea of managing and marketing hotels is by no means new, we want to take what's historically worked well and improve on those practices and disciplines. We'll dramatically overhaul what hasn't worked and present fresh alternatives to the industry," he says.
Welcome to Africa's greenest hotel, where saving energy might earn you a free drink. The ultimate contemporary green building is the stuff of sci-fi — it generates its own water and electricity, recycles all its own waste, sucks up carbon and pumps oxygen back into the atmosphere like an authentic, breathing organism. Now a R150-million hotel, managed by Bon Hotels, is to incorporate many of the features that personify a fantasy green building. Set just 400m from Cape Town International Airport, Hotel Verde ('verde' means 'green' in Italian) aims to be Africa's greenest hotel when it opens its doors in June.
Look out for the ecofriendly Hotel Verde opening at the Cape Town International Airport in May this year. Currently under construction, the hotel is being built according to the strict standards of the United States Green Building Council and will have a garden roof, electric shuttles, a grey water recycling plant and several other green features. The 145-room hotel will include conference facilities, a fitness centre and restaurant, and will be managed by BON Hotels.
BON HOTELS is to open an eco-friendly hotel at Cape Town International Airport in May. Dubbed Africa's greenest hotel, Hotel Verde will operate according to the standards of the US Green Building Council and will have such eco-friendly systems as a grey-water recycling plant, a vegetated roof, electric shuttles, wind turbines and green landscaping.

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