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Those who attended a briefing given recently by Guy Stehlik, founder and chief executive officer, of new hotel management group, BON Hotels, were left with no doubt that the young BON Hotels’ management team has set its sights on becoming front runners in both the South African and international hospitality sectors.
Guy Stehlik, founder and CEO of Bon Hotels, has set his sights on becoming a front-runner in both the South African and international hospitality sectors. Stehlik has revealed that he expects his hotel management group set up last year to have at least 10 hotel management contracts by the end of 2013. And they will not be confined to Southern Africa, he says. They could be “anywhere where we can genuinely add value – the big advantage of our operation is that it certainly does not have to be confined to one territory.”
“We have a responsibility as a company, as an employer and as a visitor on this planet to live as sustainably as possible. This is the only way we can survive long-term and hand over to our children in a responsible manner” - Mario and Annemarie Delicio of Dematech, the owners behind Hotel Verde – Africa’s greenest hotel. Construction on Hotel Verde, which is a part of the recently launched BON Hotels group, began over a year ago just outside Cape Town International Airport, with a team of contractors and experts dedicated to finding the alternative. “If you look at what can be done from a green angle you look at energy, water and waste reduction,” Delicio explains. “You then take each of these areas and work out how to implement alternatives, generating your own electricity for example. Then you need to explore the extent to which you can go.”
In a bid to contribute to market transformation geared towards sustainability in the Western Cape tourism and construction industries, the environment-friendly Hotel Verde, in Cape Town, is installing geothermal heating and cooling designs worth R26.6-million. The construction of the hotel itself, which is operated by hotel management company BON Hotels, started more than a year ago and is about 400 m away from Cape Town International Airport. Built environment consultant Ecolution Consulting engineer Andre Harms says Hotel Verde intends to reduce heating and cooling loads by installing shading, energy efficient lighting, double-glazed performance windows that reduce solar heat gain and by switching off unnecessary equipment.
Situated on Michigan Street less Than 500 metres from the airports' terminal in Cape Town is the Three Star Hotel Verde-soon to be the greenest hotel on the continent with 145 rooms earmarked for completion in March 2013, With the word, 'Verde' meaning "green," in Italian - the contemporary hotel painted by Whiteheads (master painters since 1924) will see the domestic and international travellers to Cape Town International Airport leisure in a hotel boasting green technology not yet seen in Africa. Being built by Dematech (Pty) Ltd the Developer. focus is on sustainable construction as well as operation practices. The Hotel Verde will be energy efficient and environmentally friendly and will prove to overseas travellers that the City of Cape Town is a global leader in its fight to combat climate change and to use the planet's natural resources more effectively,' stated IWesgro CEO Nils Flaatlen. It will provide some unique experiences for visitors, thus once a week guests will enjoy 'earth hour' where all power will be fumed off in the public areas (except safety lighting and power to critical equipment) and a candle-lit dinner of pizza from the wood-burning oven served.

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