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Shaun Boyd - Sales Executive, STO Market

Shaun Boyd has been appointed Sales Executive for the STO market at BON Hotels – to oversee market growth and brand development in the sector.   

Meet Grant Gillis, the owner and manager of Delta Design.  

It is not often you meet someone who has 32 years’ experience in the hospitality industry who, with a boyish grin, introduces himself as a hostage negotiator, but that is exactly how Grant regards himself.

South African-based hotel management company, BON Hotels have extended their African presence with the addition of BON Hotel Karibu Kolwezi, situated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to their portfolio. The 55-roomed hotel, which is scheduled to open in April next year, will be the first of its kind for the Lualaba Province of the DRC.

In their efforts to make a positive contribution towards tourism development and the growth of the hotel industry at large, BON Hotels, West Africa’s fastest-growing hospitality company, has announced their plans to partner with prominent Nigerians with strong roots in the hospitality industry to open a hotel school in Abuja early next year.

Should conference delegates be able to use their personal digital devices during meetings or is it just plain rude?   

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