BON Hotel Ngandu Rundu

BON Hotel Ngandu Rundu, is situated in the north-east of the country.  Its location overlooking the Kavango River’s southern wetlands and riverine forest makes the property ideal for travellers seeking a unique break in the best of Africa’s natural surroundings. The building was originally constructed on the ruins of an old military base used during the War of Independence. That history is, however, long past and the property is today characterised by its wealth of natural flora and fauna, including a large collection of indigenous Aloe species. 

The BON Hotel Ngandu Rundu caters for a range of travellers, offering hotel bedrooms, family units, as well as campsites. The hotel also offers facilities for local businesses, such as four conference halls, pool, bar and a restaurant. 



Offering visitors the option of hotel bedrooms, family units or campsites.
Conference in a location overlooking the Kavango River.
Enjoy traditional local cuisine and sundowners at the bar.
A number of activities to entertain both families and solo travellers.


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