Things to do

A number of activities to entertain both families and solo travellers.

Best known for being the capital of the Kavango-East region, Rundu is situated on the border to Angola on the banks of the Kavango River. BON Hotel Ngandu Rundu is perfectly nestled in this lush area, with a surprising number of activities to entertain both families and solo travellers.

  • A stroll along the river
    The Kavango River, or the Okavango River as it is more popularly known, is a 1600km stretch of water rich with animal and plant life. Considerably greener than the rest of Namibia, which is mainly known for its vast deserts, a walk along the river is the ideal way to take in the incredible nature surrounding this region.
  • Visit the Rundu Open Market
    Open from Monday through to Saturday, the Rundu Open Market is a great spot to explore local culture. From fresh produce, materials and even hairdressing, make your way down to the market for an authentic introduction to Rundu.
  • Mbunza Living Museum
    Your next stop after the Rundu Open Market should be the Mbunza Living Museum. Located just a few kilometres away from the market, you’re able to continue your experience of the local culture. An authentic Namibian experience, this area is home to a traditional school for culture and a communal business space for the local people of Kavango.
  • Explore Rundu Beach
    Enjoy the sunrise or sunset views on the sandy edge of the Rundu Beach.
  • Ncumcara Community Forestry Craft Centre
    Take a scenic drive out of Rundu to the Ncumcara Community Forestry Craft Centre. Here you will find beautiful, sustainably crafted wood carvings. Essentially serving as a neighbourhood craft shop, you can expect high quality items that double as great gifts or travel keepsakes for your home.
  • Fawena Kavango Basket Shop
    A must-see during your trip is the Fawena Kavango Basket Shop, where women weave the most unique baskets out of the nearby river’s reeds. Visit this area to buy one (or two!) of these stunning works, and have a look around to see the other carvings available, ranging from musical instruments and furniture, to canoes.



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