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Committing to a focus and delivering on set goals gives our business integrity and direction. Our corporate behavior is based on self-respect, balanced by respect for the rights of staff, guests, business partners, hotel owners and the community.


Guy Stehlik - Founder & CEO

With an innate enthusiasm and dedication to the hotel industry, Guy's innovative and creative approach has ensured a successful and impressive career spanning many years as a hotelier, hotel owner and founder of BON Hotels.


Charl van Wyk - Group Commercial Director

Charl believes nothing is as consistent as change and a successful career spanning some 24 years bares testament to his hard work and commitment to the industry. He has managed several hotels countrywide including successful upgrades, entire refurbishments, openings and extensions - his charm, coupled with a no-nonsense attitude brings out the very best in his staff which in turn makes for a well-run, successful hotel.


Pieter van Eck - Group Operations Director

No stranger to the hospitality industry, Pieter’s excellent operational management skills have allowed him to manage multiple properties with ease. His easy-going nature, coupled with instinctive rational thinking, means he is a natural leader driven to ‘get things done’.  


Dawid de la Guerre - Group Financial Director

Dawid hails from Cape Town where he matriculated from President High School. Displaying a knack for numbers he went on to achieve a Bcomm in Financial Management and began his career as a trainee accountant. Twelve years on he brings a wealth of experience in accounting and financial management to BON Hotels. We value his honesty and reliability and figure we made a good choice!

Lindi Mthethwa - Group Sales Director

Lindi has been appointed Group Sales Director for the group.  The youthfulness, intelligence and energy that she brings to her work have been key to her rapid growth trajectory in the hospitality industry at every   level. Coupled with passion, her drive and desire to make her mark enable her to facilitate positive change, ensure market penetration, market development, market growth, and to action the key deliverables which are paramount in her role as Group Sales Director.

Maryke van den Berg - Group Marketing Manager

An ideas incubator, Maryke brings a rare balance to the marketing table: a creative thinker while still level headed and consistently unruffled. She takes care of the brand management and marketing portfolio, working closely with each hotel’s team. Her solutions-based nature is an ideal fit, heading up the tumultuous yet creative team of outsourced and in-house specialists.

Marelise Stehlik - Marketing Assistant

Marelise’s experience at various hotels in South Africa and abroad, and her reliability in any situation make her a strong, dedicated member of the Sales and Marketing team.  Her innate kindness and respect for her peers encourages like-mindedness in others and brings out the best in those around her.


Commercial interest in West Africa and particularly Nigeria has not gone unnoticed as the business community from all corners of the world is literally ‘scrambling for Africa’.  We believe that now is the time to support the country that has given us decades of success and we will continue to add value to the local hospitality industry, our guests, our staff, suppliers, the communities in which we serve, and of course our owners.

The West African arm is spearheaded by a formidable team:

Otto Stehlik - Executive Chairman

Otto Stehlik, a hospitality industry icon, founder and former Chairman of Protea Hotels, brings unparalleled experience and knowledge to the board.

Bernard Cassar - Executive Director

With a career in the industry that spans some 35 years, Bernard is regarded as one of the most successful hotel industry pioneers in the African market. He is passionate about changing lives, adding value, living life to the fullest, making significant change and having fun doing it all.

Paul Umoh - Executive Director 

Paul is a prominent member of the Nigerian community and brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding and expertise to the table. He joined BON Hotels International West Africa as Executive Financial Director in 2015, following some 13 years of experience in the hospitality industry as Group Financial Manager. Paul is committed to the groups expansion plans for the region and his vision is to grow a culture of Nigerian General Managers in line with international standards.


To be recognised by our Stakeholders as the Hotel Management Group of choice.


We will earn our Stakeholders commitment through applying the BON Ethos to everything we do.


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