Things to do

A wealth of history and culture to experience

Addis Ababa is a city with a wealth of history and culture to experience, with most of the sought after activities conveniently located close to the hotel.

We have put together a list of some great ways to spend your free time here:

  • Dembel City Center: Ethiopia’s largest shopping centre, housing over 100 assorted shops, offices and restaurants.
  • Meskel Square: only 1,3km from the hotel is the iconic running ground of Meskel Square. Join hundreds of avid runners as they go about their morning training. 
  • Addis Ababa Museum: visit Lucy, the oldest human fossil ever found, and find out more about the history of Ethiopia - all only a ten minute walk from the hotel.
  • Edna Mall: jam-packed with entertainment ranging from cinemas to a game arcade. If you’re travelling with a family, this would be an ideal excursion.
  • Sangham Indian Restaurant: one of the most well-loved restaurants in the area, with delicious and authentic Indian food.
  • La Parisienne French Bakery/Café: take a stroll through the city centre and pop into this charming café:  for anything from a tea, to a hearty meal.



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