Things to do

At the hotel and in the area

At the hotel

Indoor swimming pool:
There is plenty of sunshine in Enugu, which makes our swimming pool a popular place for visitors and guests. Sip on a cocktail and order a bite to eat while you relax around the pool and dip in and out for a cool-off.

The poolside is ideal for a cocktail event too. Catering for up to 150 people, we can tailor any event to meet your requirements.

For those needing to shed some energy, we have a modern, well-equipped gym on the ground floor. Our gym has a full-time instructor who’s at your beck and call to help you with your training. 

Kenny sport bar:
We all love our sport in Nigeria, and at BON Hotel Sunshine Enugu we’ve made certain that you won’t miss out on the next game, match or tournament. Kenny Sport Bar, our fully kitted sports bar venue, can seat up to 30 people. Sports fans can relax and enjoy the game while we serve drinks to wash down the tension whilst delicious meals are available from the menu.

Sky-View lounge:
The Sky-View Lounge speaks for itself. On the roof of the 7th floor, guests can enjoy a sundowner at the end of the day and take in the fantastic panoramic view of the beautiful city of Enugu.

Nearby attractions:

If you feel like getting your groove on, Enugu has a wonderful, vibrant nightlife.

Extreme lounge:
Extreme Lounge and Sports Bar will not disappoint. Extreme has a club, bar and DJ setup and is less than 2 minutes’ drive from the hotel.

De Lift:
De Lift is a night club and it is also about 2 minutes’ drive from the hotel.

Bush bar:
Well known for its local delicacies such as freshly prepared fish, local salad and Nigerian dishes. A 5-minute drive from the hotel.


  • Spar:
    Need a few supplies? The Spar retail, an approximate 2-minute drive from the hotel, offers shoppers a range of groceries. Open daily, the store offers not only a general grocer but has a bakery, butchery and fresh fruit and veggies.
    Opening times - weekdays 9AM – 9PM and Sunday/Public Holiday 11AM – 8PM.
  • Shoprite:
    Similar to Spar, Shoprite is a retail store that has a variety of goods. It is about 7 minutes’ drive from the hotel.
  • Game store:
    Game is a discount store that offers a wide variety of goods. It is also about 7 minutes’ drive from the hotel.
  • Roban store:
    Roban store is located at Independence Avenue and it is about 2 minutes’ drive from the hotel. It is a retail store that has varieties of goods/products.

Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium:
Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Enugu, Nigeria. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Enugu Rangers, the local football club. The stadium, which has a capacity of 22 000, was named after the first president of the Republic of Nigeria, Dr Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe. From the hotel to the stadium is a 4-minute drive.

Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium – recreational centre:

Get your game on outdoors.
This recreational centre is just around the corner at Government House and in the mornings and late afternoons it is a hive of activity with locals and visitors getting their daily dose of endorphins. Individual or group workout sessions are on the go daily.

Ogbete market:
Ogbete Market, which is open daily, is known as Enugu’s trading hub. Here, you can get anything from local food items, groceries, electronics, to traditional clothing and stunning Nigerian artwork.



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