BON Blog - Africa support

Not too long ago, the outside world referred to Africa as ‘the dark continent’, a region plagued by conflict, famine, dictatorships, corruption, failing economies, and a massive infrastructure gap - to name but a few challenges. Whilst the situation is far from perfect, many countries have made significant progress in dealing with these and other pressing issues. 

Take Rwanda, which went from the killing of 1 million people in just three months to being the perfect example of a successful African country. 

BON Blog - Africa, the land of opportunity

My recent travels to Zambia and Namibia have confirmed; our long-term strategic plan of focusing on the larger Africa is a good one. While we are not taking our eye off opportunities within South Africa, the sheer number of opportunities north of our borders cannot be ignored!

BON Hotels Blog - Hello Africa

I was scrolling through my recent blog posts musing that there has certainly been a lot to complain about lately! But I try to remain positive so I’m very happy to move onto more positive things. And we have done just that with our recent BIG move into Africa. We have been keeping ourselves busy with new ventures and exciting properties in West Africa, particularly Nigeria.

BON Hotels Blog - Asian Markets

Returning to Cape Town from a business trip, it became apparent to me whilst observing Chinese travellers and their confusion at signs and seat numbers, inevitably sitting in the wrong place, that we as a country and as hoteliers, as far as our approach is concerned have not managed to maximize our engagement with the Asian inbound market (and other foreign markets).


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