Wow! We have received such a hearty and warm response from media and industry personnel with regard to my father, Otto Stehlik, joining us at BON Hotels. Throughout our recent trip to Indaba, nothing but good wishes and heart-warming reactions from travel and hospitality people flowed: a wonderful feeling for my dad and I. We are both pleased and honoured.


As fledglings in the hospitality industry, my team has travelled the road (or ridden the rollercoaster, I might say!) with me as we have savoured the excitement of new prospects and signing deals as well as endured the disappointment of deals turning sour, falling by the wayside. I have never been one for clichés, but I must to say, in the face of our recent adversity and disappointment over four unsuccessful years in our pursuit of what we were hoping to be our flagship hotel, I can confirm this cliché: when one door closes, another opens.


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