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BON Blog - Seeing STARS

I am learning that to successfully build any business, it is best to nurture your own people, instil your own systems and develop your own culture.

Inheriting corporate cultures which practice other management styles is occasionally unavoidable, but first prize for us at BON Hotels is to grow our own people. So, instead of spending money on recruitment, we have decided to rise up our gems of BON staff into management and department heads.

BON Hotels Blog - Ringing the bell

We’ve put a bell in our office. Slap bang in the middle of everything and everyone. For the sole purpose of celebrating achievements. The ‘rule’ is, no matter how big or small an achievement or success is, the person responsible for a smile, a deal, a happy guest or the ticking off of a task has to ring the bell, sharing the success with all of us in the office.


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