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As fledglings in the hospitality industry, my team has travelled the road (or ridden the rollercoaster, I might say!) with me as we have savoured the excitement of new prospects and signing deals as well as endured the disappointment of deals turning sour, falling by the wayside. I have never been one for clichés, but I must to say, in the face of our recent adversity and disappointment over four unsuccessful years in our pursuit of what we were hoping to be our flagship hotel, I can confirm this cliché: when one door closes, another opens.


A successful hotelier is frequently asked the question, “What makes a hotel good?” The answers are endless, but there is one ingredient that will make or break a property. You can have the best operational management in place and the greatest, most forward-thinking systems and procedures in the mix, but if your general manager is weak, you are setting yourself up for failure.


Hotel, catering and tourism is an ever-changing landscape and is the largest, fastest-growing service sector, with an average female contingent of over 55% at global level. The progress women have made in recent years in the male-weighted hospitality industry is impressive but the continued recruitment, retention and promotion of women is crucial to their long-term success in this industry. 


People do business with people they like, and not necessarily with like-minded people. If you break it down to the bare bones, BON Hotels is about relationships. Sure, we are excellent at what we do and we have an exceptional team who continue to hone our craft and strive for excellence, but the bottom line is that we need to forge good relationships with hotel owners – period!


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